Fashion and the temperatures go hand in hand: Star with Canada Goose

Canada Goose in the United States sales surge in the amount of 30%, price $1000 long winter clothes, almost every Hollywood star has one. Hot to the extreme. Don’t mention about Moncler stylish Moncler far geese opponents on the defensive, fashion.
In addition to Asia following the goose step, lockstep Ouyang brand Nobis.  Canada Goose sale is a fashion brand, one of the most professional brand of warmth and protection.
Canada goose there is no 50 percent during the summer, 70 percent last year. Now to see if the Moosejaw is also recommended to have a temporary return to score.
Thermometer tips:
Canada goose Canada Goose TEI system to label items suitable for temperature. TEI3-20 degrees Celsius to-10 degrees, TEI4-26 degrees Celsius to-20 degrees Celsius. Cropped jackets are TEI3 long Parka are TEI4. A TEI4 goose which is enough insulation in winter in the North.
Most people don’t hang out in such bad weather, head outside for a long time.
Therefore, Canada Goose outlet wear smart tips:
Inside the clothes to be as little as possible, a shirt enough. Beautiful sister are close-fitting clothes + goose, no bloated feeling, will only stay sexy.
Size recommendations:
Goose of considerable size, try to buy smaller a code will make you more handsome. S code for 175, or any Asian men does not weigh more than 75 kg.


Most famous jackets: Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Jacket
Chilliwack Bomber weighing up to 2 kg, only 625 fill grey duck down down. Canada Goose jacket sale website made it clear that, this jacket is suitable for temperatures of-10 to-20 degrees. Although the fill level is high, but the high weight and a solid protective layer, does Canada Goose polar series chances of survival greatly increase in extremely cold weather. Look at the picture and knew how to dress to look good. Temperature scale: TEI3

Most warm reloading down: Canada Goose Men’s goose Expedition Parka
Canada Goose Expedition Parka long winter coat, nearly 2 kg in weight, are the pursuit of light outside the other extreme: extreme cold weather Super performance. Canada Goose Expedition Parka uses ultra wear-resistant YKK two-way zipper and matching Velcro, can effectively prevent cold air from entering. First-class workmanship and tough synthetic fabric outer protection class of the Expedition Parka. Wolf hair wrapping around the hat, warm luxury. Temperature scale: TEI4.

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Slim jackets: Canada Goose BORDEN BOMBER
Borden with the TEI3 scale Bomber, more handsome version, more slim. Other configurations much different from Chilliwack. In fact, geese can be seen as there are only two: a Bomber Jacket and Parka

The pensive Star: Canada goose Canada Goose Carsen Parka long winter coat
Spider-man the new actor Andrew, as well as after the completion of his film captured assured Emma Stone in one fell swoop, both love the geese, out them. Carsen’s thermometer reached TEI4, very warm. Is Andrew so few people could wear two meat works.

The most popular long: Canada Goose Chateau Parka winter coat
Canada Goose Chateau Parka long winter clothes is almost the earliest large goose and other urban variant of the blueprint. Long geese now winter clothes, looks pretty much the same, are all pretty much like Chateau design. Standard equipment: heavy protection fabric, two-way YKK zipper, 625fill premium white duck down.

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